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This new initiative is aimed at integrating women from underserved Be’er Sheva communities, notably the Arab-Israeli community, with the Jewish-Israeli women who have made up the majority of our program participants to date.Together with our partner from within the Arab-Israeli community, AJEEC-NISPED, as well as the municipal welfare department's Maagal Ha'Chayim V'Hataasuka, we are co-facilitating this uniquely designed course focused on economically and socially empowering women, while simultaneously building bridges between people so that they may share in this positive growth process together.  We are combining AJEEC’s proven women’s economic empowerment model, along with our experience from Be’er-Sova’s past programming and the Maagal's specialization in job training.  An informal approach regarding coexistence is taken, instead of making it participants’ primary focus. We believe that through learning together, supporting each other as they strive for self-sufficiency and sharing their similar socio-economic struggles, coexistence will be an organic byproduct for participants.

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