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Be’er-Sova was founded in 1999 by a group of Be’er Sheva residents who were galvanized into action after witnessing numerous instances of their fellow citizens scrounging through trash cans for leftover food. With the goal of ensuring that their neighbors not go hungry, these dedicated grassroots leaders established our Community Restaurant Program. While initially the founders had envisioned a small kitchen serving a handful of locals, they quickly discovered that the need for such a service far exceeded their original plan. In response, they expanded their efforts by reaching out to other community-based supports, building a strong network of volunteers and partnering with well-established national NGOs. Today our Community Restaurant provides 87,240 meals per year and our Food Packaging program delivers 2,440 staple food packages annually to families struggling with nutritional insecurity.

Additionally, over our nearly two decades of work Be’er-Sova has invested in social and economic empowerment programming due to its immense potential to effect the cycle of poverty. We are grateful to know that as a result of the tools and support gained from Be’er-Sova’s supplementary projects, numerous members of our community have significantly improved their lives. The process of breaking free from the underlying causes, inter-generational patterns and marginalization that are at the base of nutritional insecurity requires significant long-term efforts on the part of program participants as well as a continuous commitment by our staff. There are few quick-fixes or easy solutions. However, we firmly believe that through well-built programming we can address these significant challenges together with our community members. We are proud to have developed from our modest beginnings in order to meet vital social needs and serve as a resource for the most vulnerable in our community, helping them as they strive for self-sufficiency.

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