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Our projects

Our projects are our way of reaching the goals we have set for ourselves. The projects of the 'Be'er Shuva' Association are constantly renewed and improved, and they always aim towards our goal of reducing food insecurity with the help of a strong community.

Be’er-Sova Community Center Restaurant
אדם בבגדי טבח מחזיק מגש מזון
צילום מלמעלה על שולחן מוקף אנשים שחותכים ירקות

Be’er-Sova Community Center Restaurant

Be'er-Sova Community Center Restaurant strives to achieve its goal of providing "Nutritional Security for the Body, Mind & the Soul" by offering hot, nutritious, and flavorful meals to everyone, irrespective of their religion, race, or gender. The restaurant is open from Sunday through Thursday for dine-in meals and offers take-out trays for supper and Friday & Shabbat meals. Each day, the Community Restaurant serves a meal consisting of a meat dish, a side vegetable dish, a salad, soup, and bread. The menu is designed through a focus group process in which diners, along with a professional nutritionist, participate, taking into account the recommended nutritional requirements and diners' personal preferences. In total, the restaurant serves around 90,000 hot meals annually to those in need. Furthermore, the restaurant provides take-away hot meals to homebound individuals, children, and youth at risk in Be'er Sheva and its surrounding regions through their educational institutions.

Family Food Packages & Holiday 

Family Food Packages & Holiday 

In partnership with the 'Latet' Organization, Be'er-Sova distributes 100 family food packages every month to families in need, referred to us by the Be’er-Sheva Municipal Social & Welfare Department. During holidays such as Rosh HaShanah and Passover, we respond to numerous requests by distributing thousands of food packages annually to families in need. 

The families receiving food packages require guidance and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and achieve a more secure life path. Our relationship with these families, built on trust through the year-round distribution of holiday and food packages, enables us to offer personal development opportunities and encourage economic independence.

ארבעה מתנדבים אורזים חבילות מזון
NEMESH - Women Leading Social Change
קבוצת נשים מחזיקות שלטים

NEMESH - Women Leading Social Change

The NEMESH program is a leadership development initiative aimed at women who have suffered from poverty and food insecurity. Women who are supported by welfare agencies and organizations participate in a personal and group empowerment and leadership development process as part of the NEMESH program. They develop a sense of competence and self-confidence and fosters entrepreneurship and social leadership. These women lead ventures both inside and outside of Be'er-Sova and acquire tools to create social change while also helping other women in similar situations.

As part of the program, the women meet weekly and gradually begin to not only help themselves but also others by getting involved in community activities. Every year, new women join the group, and the existing members guide and assist them in discovering their strengths through personal examples and genuine friendship.

Through their participation in the program, 80% of the participants have been able to leave the welfare system and experience personal and financial growth. They have transformed from supported individuals to strong women and leaders who volunteer in the community and promote genuine social change. They continue to inspire and empower other women in similar situations, and work towards creating a better society for all.

A Friend for the Elderly

A Friend for the Elderly

The "Friend for the Elderly" program connects volunteers and the elderly, creating a holistic response for each elderly person through individual assistance. The services for the elderly are given according to personal need, including home visits, feeding, legal advice and assistance in exercising rights, nutrition workshops, cultural activities, holidays and trips, counseling, and alleviating loneliness. The program team assists the volunteers, and responds to needs, advice and assistance in extreme cases, training for volunteers and more.

Research indicates that almost half of elderly people in Israel report feeling lonely. Additionally, one in ten elderly people feel that they have nobody to rely on in times of crisis or distress, and nearly one-third report experiencing depression. Elderly individuals who are food insecure suffer doubly from both the constant threat of hunger and the loneliness that often accompanies it. These seniors are the parents of all of us, including Holocaust survivors, immigrants, and veterans with decades of fascinating life stories. In their final years, they require the support of a compassionate society willing to extend a helping hand.

ידיים של אישה מבוגרת מחזיקות כוס תה
Employment Promotion

Employment Promotion

שתי נשים במדי טבחיות מתחבקות במטבח תעשייתי

We believe that, in addition to providing immediate assistance to help people maintain their dignity day-to-day, they should also be given opportunities and tools to improve their long-term situation. Achieving financial independence is a goal for those who have the potential to earn, and we are committed to helping everyone reach their full potential. Through our work, we have identified men and women who visit our Community Restaurant and receive our food packages with the potential to work, but they lack opportunities and support. Therefore, we have created programs to promote employment, giving them the chance they need to succeed.

Recipe for Success:
This program aims to provide employment and personal development opportunities for women who are currently supported by welfare agencies and associations in the Be’er-Sova community, but who have the potential for employment. During the program, participants acquire culinary skills such as cooking, kitchen management, and serving, while also undergoing a personal and group empowerment process to develop competence and self-confidence. Upon completion of the training period, participants are placed in employment opportunities that promote self-realization and financial independence. 

“Food Truck”:
An employment incubator, in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University and Be’er Sheva municipality, is partnering with the Recipe for Success program to provide employment opportunities for women upon graduation. The program offers a holistic approach, providing support and empowerment for women in the welfare circle who operate the Food Truck. Social work students in the practical training phase accompany the women in an individual and group program, ensuring a personalized and effective experience. Food Truck employees gain valuable work experience and acquire a set of tools and skills that will assist them in the job market and their personal lives, ultimately leading to financial independence.

Social Tourism

Social Tourism

As part of our restaurant's development plan and our aim to increase community involvement, we are excited to offer groups and private visitors the opportunity to enjoy a social meal at our restaurant. This is particularly well-suited for international visitors, including our partners visiting Israel. The meal is served after regular dining hours, allowing the entire restaurant to be exclusively available to the group. Visitors can savor a fresh and healthy lunch, meet our volunteers, engage with community activists, and gain an up-close understanding of our social activities. By including workshops and activities, we can create an informative, special, and valuable experience, with all proceeds being a contribution to the community.

Please contact us for more information

קבוצת צעירים סועדים סביב שולחן ארוך
Slonim Be’er-Sova Center for Nutritional Security
 נשים מתחת לשמשיה מחייכות למצלמה חלקן יושבות וחלקן עומדות

Slonim Be’er-Sova Center for Nutritional Security

The Slonim Center for Nutritional Security is a center providing activities and broad answers to support women, living with nutritional insecurity and to assist them to move out of the cycle of poverty. The Center provides training and empowerment workshops, professional courses, employment workshops, support for the job search process, guidance and placement assistance. 

The Slonim Center model will be based on our more than 22 years of experience in operating services for women accompany the Community Restaurant project. Over the years, our staff recognized that nutritionally insecure women were often pushed into their situation due to life and environmental circumstances not allowing them to reach their full employment potential. Our staff came to realize a slight push and encouragement can be enough for the women to start believing in themselves and to begin to move from the circle of support. a

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