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Getting Ready for the High Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes a surge of phone calls that grows stronger as summer draws to a close. The elderly, single mothers, large families with children, and people with disabilities are asking not to be forgotten, and for us to help them fill their holiday table. This year, we are preparing to distribute 1700 cooked meals, 1000 food baskets, and 100 shopping vouchers for groceries. To meet these challenges, we need you! If each person donates a meal or a basket, and spreads the word to their friends, we can reach our goal!

Cost per meal: 30 NIS. Cost per food basket: 250 NIS. Cost per shopping voucher: 200 NIS.

So let's go, donate & share.


Recipe for Success

We're proud to share that the 'Recipe for Success' program is achieving significant results. 20 women who participated in the program have undergone training to become pastry chefs, attending workshops focused on employment and counseling as they strive for financial independence. 75% of the participants are already employed or in the process of job placement. Yet, the true success lies in the transformation that has occurred within these women themselves: they entered hesitating and lacking in confidence, but over the course of the program, they gained strength, developed self-assurance and trust, and began setting goals and taking actions to achieve them. During the moving graduation ceremony, they shared: "For the first time, my children are proud of me," "I invested in myself, and it was my pleasure – I waited for this day all week," "I'm so grateful for this opportunity you gave me to be here," "I know I'll succeed now." A big thank you to our partners who supported the program: Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot, Shashua Family Foundation, Be'er Sheva Municipality, and Ma'agal HaChaim VeHata'asuka. Best of luck to all participants!


Stories from the Kitchen

Natan, who works in our kitchen day in and day out, shares a recent story: 'This week, a woman arrived with four children to pick up cooked meals for them, priced at 3 shekels each. I noticed she was taking out 12 shekels to pay, and I realized she didn't have enough money to pay for herself as well. Like a caring mother, she sacrificed her own needs, ensuring her children were taken care of. I told we have a special offer today, 'Buy 4, Get 1 Free,' and that she's entitled to an additional meal for free. The look in her eyes confirmed that it was exactly what she needed.'


Friend for the Elderly

Another year of 'Friend for the Elderly' is setting off, with around 100 lonely elderly individuals and Holocaust survivors included in the program, and dozens of volunteers who will visit them. This year's program is even richer, emphasizing the combination of home visits every week with community-social activities at our Community Restaurant. The plan includes yoga classes, nutrition workshops, movie evenings, lectures, holiday parties, and more. Elderly individuals who are homebound will mark the New Year together with their volunteers by raising a glass and exchanging blessings. Of course, they will also receive enriched food packages containing vegetables, fruits, protein, and even pomegranates, honey, and grape juice.

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