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Be'er Sova: Nourishing Hope Amidst the Iron Swords War

Updated: 5 days ago

We are pleased to update that we have received approval to reopen the Community Restaurant in the Old City of Be'er Sheva, in addintion to the emergency kithchen we're operating since the beginning of the Iron Swards War. Now, anyone in need of a hot meal or food assistance can turn to us through one of three ways:

  1. Enjoy a hot meal at the restaurant.

  2. Take a cooked meal home.

  3. Receive a hot meal and food essentials delivered to the doorstep (for those unable to come to us).

Operating the community restaurant and emergency kitchen involves significant expenses. In order to meet all the needs, we need your support. Every donation will provide another meal for someone in distress. Now is the time to open your heart and contribute to nutritional security.


We're here for the long haul

At the beginning of the war, numerous social initiatives sprang up in Be'er Sheva as part of the inspiring wave of volunteering sweeping across the nation. However, as time goes on, Israeli society enters the 'routine of war.' People who volunteered en masse at the start of the war now find themselves having to set aside social initiatives to focus on livelihood, home, routine, in order not to burden others. Initiatives involving the collection and distribution of supplies across the city are diminishing.

We are here to lead the social front when others may no longer be able to. The responsibility now rests on our shoulders every day, without pause, without fatigue.

The estimates suggest that the war will continue for a long time.

And we promise: We are here for the long haul! We stand guard and ensure that everyone in need receives a hot meal every day.


Preserving the Health of Body and Soul

For weeks, the community restaurant was closed for seating due to missile attacks on Be'er Sheva. At the entrance of the restaurant, we set up a 'hot' distribution station where people came and received packed meals. Every day, dozens of individuals asked us when we would finally open the restaurant for seating. They don't just want food; they also crave the warmth and sense of belonging that sitting in the restaurant provides.

This week, we were finally granted permission to open the restaurant for seating (under the restrictions of the Home Front Command, with small-group seating). Despite offering takeout services and even home deliveries, dozens of diners choose to come and eat in the restaurant every day. They remind us of the uniqueness of Be'er Sova – the only place in the city of Be'er Sheva that provides a response to both the nutritional and soulful needs of food-insecure individuals.


Stories from within

A volunteer at the restaurant shares: 'Today, a person in evident distress entered our doors. He was without shoes, dressed in dusty clothes, appearing weak and detached. After eating the meal we provided, he approached us and requested a task in the restaurant in exchange for the food he had eaten. Washing dishes, cleaning, anything. I was moved by the fact that despite having nothing, he wants to give back in some way for what he received. While he was clearing away the dishes I asked him what his shoe size was. Next time he comes, I want him to leave not only satisfied but also with shoes on his feet.'


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