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Be'er Sova Emergency Kitchen - Safeguarding the Home Front

Updated: Nov 14

Since the beginning of the war, we've been on the front line of Be'er Sheva's Home Front. Dozens of volunteers work tirelessly daily to ensure that everyone in Be'er Sheva has something to eat even under missile attacks. They start arriving as early as 8 a.m.: a mother with a baby in a stroller, the elderly, the disabled, families - so many people are affected by the situation and need us. Everyone receives packed meals and food supplies, along with a smile and kind words. For the children, we add toys and games to alleviate the boredom in the protected spaces.

Our main concern is that everyone on the Home Front knows that we are here. Today, tomorrow, and every day it's required, we stand strong together. In these challenging times, our victory on the Home Front lies in touching displays of mutual support and assistance for others, for everyone, unconditionally and without questions. Our strength lies in our unity!

Am Israel Chai!


Nutritional Security in Be'er Sheva

Our emergency kitchen distributes cooked meals daily, Sunday through Thursday, between 8:00 AM and 12:30 PM at a distribution point in the Old City of Be'er Sheva. The conflict prolongs, and the number of people reaching out to us continues to rise persistently. Throughout the weeks of the conflict in October, our emergency kitchen distributed over 5,000 cooked meals and hundreds of food baskets. We are determined to continue providing for each and every individual in Beer Sheva. For this, we need as much support as possible. For details and donation methods, visit the 'Donation' tab on the Be'er Sheva website or click the link below.


Moments of Hope: Touching Encounters from the Front Lines

Our distribution patroller shares a poignant encounter, 'I received a call regarding a woman who had recently left a women's shelter and was struggling to feed her two young children. Concerned neighbors noticed their plight and reached out for support. Upon arrival, I knocked on the door of the apartment, bringing with me cooked meals, breakfast cereals, and various treats, alongside toys and games for the children. As I entered, their faces lit up with joy exclaiming, 'Mom, there's food! The food has arrived!' The children greeted me with enthusiasm, embracing me warmly. While delivering the much-needed supplies, I engaged with the mother, ensuring nothing was lacking and offering a sense of comfort. These moments, brimming with gratitude, reinforce my determination to continue this vital work."


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