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The NEMESH: Women Advocating for Social Change program works with women who at the outset of their participation were suffering from nutritional insecurity. Their economic challenges were often combined with social isolation and feelings of being trapped in a cycle of poverty. As a direct result of the support that they received through NEMESH, participants have completed professional training courses, become gainfully employed, learned how to advocate for their individual social rights and built a network of mutual aid to reinforce one another as they transition from dependence to independence. These women have now become activists in their communities rather than remaining bound by the passive, helpless feelings that marginalized them previously. They have begun aiding others through a variety of means including running new Be’er-Sova social programming, participating in the National Forum for the Struggle against Poverty and attending the International Day of Poverty Conference at the Knesset where they voiced their viewpoints along with their personal experiences to members of the committee.

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