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Our community members’ financial hardships are often magnified most distressingly during life-cycle events, periods that should ideally be associated with joy, due to the extensive costs required by these occasions. For this reason we have developed the Life-cycle Celebrations and Events program, which ensures that all families have the ability to experience a brit, bar/bat mitzvah or traditional henna party with pride and dignity. Events are scheduled after restaurant services finish so that they do not interfere with other programming. In order to ensure that those celebrating do not feel that their event carries any sense of shame in being held as a ‘charity case’, we offer a sliding-scale fee. Thus, those who can afford to do so help cover the costs of those who are unable to pay and whether the event was free or required a donation remains strictly confidential. Through opening the Center up to Be’er Sheva residents who are not economically challenged, it links Be’er-Sova to the broader community, thus destigmatizing those who use our services.

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