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To prevent transmission,Be'er-Sova is no longer serving meals at our Community Restaurant. Instead, we will now be going door-to-door, delivering 240 hot, fresh meals to each of our diners. 




Be’er-Sova is Be’er Sheva’s first and only initiative to supply daily hot, freshly cooked meals for those struggling with nutritional insecurity. While focusing on addressing the physical aspects of nutritional insecurity, we also create dynamic programming designed to help break the cycle of poverty, empower our community and cultivate social change for the most vulnerable residents of our city. Be’er-Sova’s programming strategies are driven by our fundamental ideal that no one that we can reach go hungry. We also deeply believe that we must simultaneously target the underlying causes that are at the root of nutritional insecurity through effective, community-based projects in order to generate impactful social change. 



Be’er-Sova is constantly reassessing our programming and examining new strategies of change through which we can best promote nutritional security, community empowerment and social action within Be’er Sheva. Our current projects reflect our commitment to those ideals. These include:

Be’er-Sova is also dedicated to the belief that it is vital to destigmatize nutritional insecurity while simultaneously raising awareness regarding this pressing social issue. We therefore engage in outreach projects in order to offer multiple programs that foster connection between those who are currently receiving services through Be’er-Sova and socially conscious individuals or communities from within Be’er Sheva, across Israel, as well as abroad.

Be'er-Sova Community Restaurant
Food Packaging
Be'er-Sova NEMESH
Recipe for Success
Women Realizing a Dream
Be'er-Sova Community Center
Legal Aid
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Dine with Meaning
Be'er-Sova Film Night
Life-Cycle Celebrations and Events


As a grassroots-based NGO, Be’er-Sova believes that our volunteers are the heart of our organization. We therefore work hard to build and maintain our volunteer network, which currently numbers over 100 volunteers.

Be’er-Sova Needs You!

Please contact us regarding volunteering. We would love to discuss our range of long and short-term opportunities aimed at strengthening the bonds between community members from varied backgrounds while fulfilling our mission to promote nutritional security, community empowerment and social action.



Street Address: 201 Kakal St.,

Be’er Sheva 8420047

To arrive using WAZE : 

28 Hertzl St., Be’er Sheva

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6043,

Be’er Sheva  841600101

Office: 08-6412544

Restaurant: 08-6233355

Thank you to our partners. Your support means so much!

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